Naturopathic Medicine

Are you looking for a different approach to your healthcare?  Are you looking to actually learn about how this amazingly complex and robust system — your body — functions so that you can better address your health concerns?

Naturopathic medicine combines the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern medicine to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.  Licensed naturopathic doctors work with you, as a team, to get to the underlying cause(s) of your disease and to create the optimal environment in order to activate your own body’s self-healing mechanisms.  Naturopathic medicine emphasizes prevention and the self-healing process through making lifestyle changes and the use of natural therapies.

Lifestyle medicine is no longer just recommended for disease prevention — it is now being prescribed to also treat chronic diseases.  The majority of your healthcare dollars are spent on chronic diseases that are rooted in lifestyle choices.  This is extremely powerful because you have the ability to change the outcome by changing your lifestyle.  We can use lifestyle interventions such as diet and nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement, and relaxation therapeutically to prevent, treat or even reverse disease. 

How else will you benefit from seeking naturopathic care?  Naturopathic medicine is health-oriented and not disease-oriented and treatments are individualized to your specific case.  Naturopathic care is patient-centered and educational, it is root-cause based medicine and it does not just temporarily suppress your symptoms.  This is a medicine that is based upon deep and meaningful connection and communication between you and your doctor.  

Unlike most doctor’s visits, your initial appointment with a naturopathic doctor is between 60 to 90 minutes.  This session is focused on your history and timeline from preconception to present.  We want to really understand not just your symptoms but how you are experiencing those symptoms and how they are impacting your life.  It’s the information gleaned from your story, forms and questionnaires, physical exam, and pertinent lab tests that will paint a complete picture of the potential root cause(s) of your health concerns.  In subsequent follow up appointments, we will review your test results together, answer your questions, continue to fill in the gaps of your case, focus on education and determine what the best treatment plan is for you. 

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