IV Nutritional Therapy

Here are just a few of the LIFE-CHANGING IV Infusions offered at Conscious Human Medicine

For a customized IV experience, a few of the other amazing nutrients
that we offer include:

Zinc - One of the most important minerals that is great to super-charge the immune system, important in antioxidant defense and a prostate gland super-hero!

Thiamin - The amazing Vitamin B1 is a powerful brain and energy booster, helps to create feel-good neurotransmitters and ramps up your metabolism.

Methionine/Inositol/Choline (MIC) -  The original "fat-burner" this combination of nutrients may speed up weight loss and can aid in liver detoxification.

Biotin - A true beauty B vitamin that not only can improve your metabolism but help your hair, nails and skin feel AND look youthful as ever.

Lysine - A superb immune-booster that has shown promise in helping fight off acute and past viral infections, including EBV and herpes.  It's also needed to make collagen, the backbone of healthy skin and joints.

Do you have a specific health condition that you'd like us to help you with?
See how IV Nutritional Therapy can improve your health!

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