Integrative Oncology Clinic Offers Hope to Patients With Cancer

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, the news can be devastating not only to the person receiving the diagnosis but also to their loved ones and friends too.  Often people are left stunned and not sure which direction to go with their health care.  They often are told by their doctors that the only options available to them are chemotherapy and/or radiation and usually aren’t provided with any other means of improving their health beyond the standard of care.  Many people don’t know or aren’t told that there is another whole world of practitioners out there who are helping patients with cancer not just survive cancer but thrive as well, especially if cancer is caught early on.  

Conventional means of treating cancer usually entails chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy or some combination thereof.  However, there is little discussion by oncologists of how these drugs work inside the body and the toll that they will take on patients who are undergoing treatment.  And the side effects of most chemotherapeutic drugs are numerous.  These include gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, poor appetite, nausea/vomiting, numbness and tingling in the extremities, anemia, infections and bruising, bleeding or poorly healing wounds.  Despite these often debilitating side effects, many cancer drugs are often necessary and effective in the battle against cancer.  

Patients with cancer often are left with a sense that more can be done to help them get better but aren’t sure who to turn to to help them overcome their illness. Dr. Mahboubeh Hashemi, ND and Dr. Matthew Cavaiola, ND are naturopathic doctors and integrative oncologists at Conscious Human Medicine in Santa Monica, CA.  Integrative oncologists truly shine and help patients navigate the treacherous waters of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  They work synergistically with other oncologists and understand know how to move in the world of both pharmaceutical and integrative interventions for cancer.  

Dr. Hashemi and Dr. Cavaiola individualize care for each patient and they offer a multitude of integrative treatment options that minimize side effects of conventional medicine and in many cases help to eradicate cancer from the body. Some of the treatments that are offered at Conscious Human Medicine, a state of the art integrative oncology practice, include intravenous (IV) nutritional therapies, like high-dose vitamin C and alpha-lipoic acid, diet modifications and other nutritional interventions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), biofeedback, craniosacral therapy and biopuncture.  When asked about which of these treatment options is best, Dr. Hashemi said “All of them!  And often it’s the synergy amongst different treatments that our patients benefit from the most.  We often use dietary and lifestyle interventions as a main focal point and then add in other treatments like IV nutritional therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and this is really where we see our patient’s health move in a positive direction.” 

At their practice Conscious Human Medicine, Dr. Hashemi and Dr. Cavaiola have designed a unique cutting-edge approach to looking at and treating cancer.  They view cancer at a whole body level – connecting the dots between a patient’s diet and lifestyle, sources of inflammation, metabolic health, environmental toxicity and genetics and they help their patients by attempting to get to the root cause(s) of the cancer.  They realize that cancers do not usually spring up out of nowhere and that few cancers are purely genetic in nature.  Thus, they work with their patients with cancer to elucidate these causes and work backwards, peeling off the layers of the onion and getting patients moving back towards optimal health.  Dr. Cavaiola stated “We used to think that genetics were the only cause of somebody’s cancer, but we now realize that the origins of cancer today are more and more being caused by the environment in which we live.  Radiation, exhaust from cars and chemicals found in our water, air and food are wreaking havoc in our bodies and everyone is at risk.”

Cancer is a very stressful time in a patient’s life.  Not only is the disease process hard enough, but there are often 100’s of doctor’s appointments to go to, lots of new lingo to try to understand and often patients feel alone without anyone to help guide them through the arduous process of diagnosis, testing and treatment.  Dr. Hashemi and Dr. Cavaiola truly believe in a patient-centered approach to cancer care and strongly encourage and educate their patients how to advocate for themselves.  They even work cohesively with oncologists and other members of their patients’ healthcare teams where they find that patients are able to focus less on the details of their care and more on healing – all of which leads to better outcomes. 

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