Food Sensitivity Testing: A Life Changer!

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Many moons ago, Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, wrote “Let Medicine be Thy Food and Food Be Thy Medicine.” He knew what we still know to this day in naturopathic medicine –  that the food that you eat on a daily basis can have the greatest impact on your health.  It doesn’t matter if you are healthy or have a health condition that you are working to overcome.  Your food choices can prevent disease and extend your life, your Lifespan, and also improve the quality of life as you age, your Healthspan. Before we talk about Food Sensitivity Testing, let’s talk about inflammation. 

Are Your Food Choices Making You Sick?

On the flip side, food can also be the CAUSE of why you may not be feeling well in the first place.  What you may not know is that food can elicit an immune response in your body just like viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens can.  When your immune system reacts, it may cause INFLAMMATION in your body which we know is the precursor to disease.  That’s right – virtually all inflammation, and disease, begins with the food that you eat and the reactions that take place in your gastrointestinal tract.  

Did you know that 70% of human disease begins in the gut??

Food Sensitivity Testing Helps Determine Which Foods May Be Causing Inflammation

How can you tell if your food choices may be making you sick?  Through one of the most powerful specialized tests that we have in our arsenal – Food Sensitivity Testing.  

The process is simple – we draw a small amount of blood from you in our office.  We partner with a testing company that accurately assesses the reaction that your blood has against 93 different foods! From dairy to gluten-containing grains to many different fruits and vegetables, this test is great at identifying the SPECIFIC foods that could be causing your health problems.  

Who Can Benefit From Food Sensitivity Testing?

We have seen the improvement or complete resolution of the following conditions after our patients receive their INDIVIDUALIZED Food Sensitivity Profile:

Chronic allergies
Gut problems like diarrhea, constipation, IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease 
Skin problems, like eczema and psoriasis 
Joint pain like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis 
Genitourinary conditions like Interstitial Cystitis and prostatitis (in men)
And many many more! 

What Can You Expect?

Your customized report will be SUPER easy to read report and will be color-coded. Green means GO, there are no reactions to a food, and the red color means STOP, that food may be causing you problems. We review the results with you in GREAT detail and discuss a PRECISION plan to help you avoid foods that are problematic and be able to include as many wonderful foods that can get you back on your way to optimal health. 

It’s time to finally take your health to the next level with Food Sensitivity Testing! Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Health Evaluation to get started today!

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