Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Are you ready to experience the healing power of WATER?  For millennia, cultures all around the globe have recognized the amazing ability of hydro(water)therapy to cure disease.  Hydrotherapy was one of the foundational modalities of naturopathic medicine and it is still one of the most profound treatments used by naturopathic doctors for revitalization and to help reverse both acute and chronic illness.  

Hydrotherapy has many different applications including contrast hydrotherapy, wet sock treatments, wet sheet wraps, sitz baths and Constitutional Hydrotherapy. Among these different applications, Constitutional Hydrotherapy is perhaps one of the most powerful treatments that naturopathic medicine has to offer.  Constitutional Hydrotherapy enhances the immune system, promotes detoxification, improves circulation of blood and nutrition to the body and helps restore cellular equilibrium.  

Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatments are very relaxing and during the 60 minute treatment, one of the naturopathic doctors at Conscious Human Medicine will apply a series of hot and cold compresses to your chest, abdomen and back in conjunction with electrical stimulation via a sine wave machine.  The alternating of hot and cold naturally warms the body and provides a “pumping” action that moves blood and lymph and enhances the activity of the intestines, kidneys and liver, all of which are crucial for detoxification.  

Constitutional Hydrotherapy may be useful in almost any condition and is particularly wonderful for people with a deficient, weak or cold constitution and can help to boost the immune system in those who are subject to frequent colds or infections.  It can be used to treat digestive tract problems, like Crohn’s disease, IBS or ulcerative colitis, respiratory problems, like chronic asthma or bronchitis, female reproductive conditions, like PMS, painful periods or infertility, immune problems, including cancer, circulatory problems, like varicose veins, hemorrhoids or high blood pressure.  Constitutional Hydrotherapy may also improve arthritis, diabetes, and skin conditions and shhhh-- it may just be one of the best kept anti-aging secrets out there too! 

If you are feeling run down, have been battling a chronic illness for months or years, or are just ready for a new, more vital better-performing YOU, please call us today to schedule!

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