Conscious 14 Day Detox Program

Do you want to lose weight?

Are you experiencing fatigue, brain fog, skin or digestive problems, chronic allergies or joint pain?

Take Control of Your Health!

Learn great ways to improve your health — for a lifetime!!  Join us for our wildly successful doctor-supervised 14 Day Detox Program !


A robust metabolism, optimal gastrointestinal and liver functioning, and efficient elimination are crucial to your health. Age, exposure to a variety of environmental toxins, consumption of an inflammatory diet and many other factors can overburden the liver, cause damage to the intestinal lining and slow down most physiological and biochemical functioning.  This in turn results in compromising your body’s ability to properly move toxins out of the body. This is where implementing a detoxification program comes in.

So, how does your body detoxify?

Your body’s main routes of elimination are: your skin (through sweating), your lungs (through breathing), your intestines (through defecation), your kidneys (through urination) and your liver.  If these pathways are jammed, it can lead to recycling of toxins and increase in total body burden.

How do you enhance detoxification and why is it important?

There is a direct relationship between inflammation, weight gain and onset of disease.  By incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet and implementing crucial nutrients aid the body’s ability to remove toxins and other harmful chemicals.  Other adjunctive therapies like far-infrared sauna and intravenous nutritional therapy are helpful to further improve liver health and open the routes of elimination.

What can you expect from a detoxification program? 

A detoxification program can help you feel renewed, lose weight, have amazing energy and skin, get more restful sleep, have a clearer and calmer mind and MUCH MORE!

Conscious 14 Day Program 


A 14 Day Supply of

Organic, hypoallergenic plant-based Protein Powder

Organic, gut-healing fiber powder

Comprehensive liver support + detoxification supplement

Complete Detoxification guide with great detoxification support tips, tasty anti-inflammatory recipes and sample daily meal plans

THREE weekly Check-In Videos including Q & A with Dr. Mahboubeh Hashemi and Dr. Matthew Cavaiola

Cost of the Program:


Add-On Treatment Packages

Be Conscious 

2 Glutathione IV's** + 2 Far-Infrared Sauna Treatments $199 (a $260 value!) 

Be Glowing  

2 Glutathione IV's** + 2 Far-Infrared Sauna Treatments + 3 Conscious Detox Vitamin Shots -- B12 + MIC  $349 (a $440 value!) 

Be Amazing  

4 Glutathione IV's ** + 4 Far-Infrared Sauna Treatments + 3 Conscious Detox Vitamin Shots - B12 + MIC $449 (a $700 value) 

The Benefit of Glutathione IV's

Glutathione, found abundantly in the liver and GI tract, is one of the strongest detoxifiers.  It is also the "master antioxidant."  By doing glutathione IV's, you can normalize liver function and help to purge harmful chemicals out of the body.

The Benefit of Far-Infrared Sauna Treatments

Deep body heating with Far-Infrared Sauna treatments aid in detoxification of cells and improvement of mitochondrial function.  Remember, sweating is one of the best routes of elimination of toxins, especially those toxins stored in your fat cells.

The Benefit of Conscious Detox Shots

These supercharged vitamin shots contain vitamin B12 combined with methionine (M), inositol (I) and choline (C).  They are great for enhancing energy, detoxifying the liver, boosting metabolism and aiding in weight loss!

**Basic lab work (CBC, CMP) to assess kidney and liver function must be performed prior to initiating IV therapy