You’ve heard of acupuncture before, right? Well, “biopuncture” is like acupuncture except that we deliver bioactive, healing substances like arnica, dextrose and other homeopathic medicines to traditional Chinese acupuncture points and along meridians to cause healing to take place. 

Acupuncture and biopuncture are life-changing forms of medicine that have been around for millenia and helped countless people get out of pain, increase energy, eliminate allergies and skin conditions, improve anxiety, depression and insomnia and reverse infertility.  

Reducing pain is one of the most profound ways that biopuncture can turn your life around.  Biopuncture works to reduce muscular tension, untangle fascial restrictions, improve blood flow and stimulate the body’s innate immune system to send signals to heal damaged body tissue.  Biopuncture can be helpful for any type of headache, including migraines, joint pain, like of the back, neck or knees, pelvic pain, seen with fibroids, ovarian cysts or hernias, digestive problems or to help heal injuries.   

When you receive biopuncture, you will lie down in a comfortable position and one of the practitioners at Conscious Human Medicine will insert very thin needles into areas of concern. The treatment will last 30 minutes, it is usually painless and very relaxing.  Most often, people report subjective improvement in their health problems after just a few treatments.  

Whether it be pain or another health concern that you have, disease is always a complex process and no two people experience it the same way.  At Conscious Human Medicine we recognize that because your condition is multifactorial, the treatment needs to follow the same pattern. Our first goal is to always understand the root cause(s) of your condition, run appropriate lab tests, understand what makes your condition better or worse and eliminate any obstacles to cure.  Alongside biopuncture, we use naturopathic foundations, lifestyle medicine, targeted clinical nutrition, IV Nutritional Therapy, gut restoration, biofeedback, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to enhance the healing process.

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