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No one should have to live a life with chronic disease

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Conscious Human Medicine offers you everything you need to extend your life (LIFESPAN) and improve the quality of your life as you age (HEALTHSPAN)

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  • "My experience at Conscious Human Medicine has been extremely positive. Doctors Cavaiola and Hashemi are very warm, caring, and friendly. They make a personal connection with their patients in a way most doctors don't. They were able to help me deal with a variety of issues by addressing it holistically, looking at diet, lifestyle, as well as treating specific symptoms. Highly recommend them if you're looking for a more natural, alternative approach to whatever health issue you may be dealing with.” — Jon W.

  • “If you're looking for two of the best doctors in town, you can stop searching now cause you've found them right here! I went to Conscious Human Medicine for an IV treatment session and a hyperbaric chamber session and I was very impressed with their operation and client service. I left the clinic feeling super alive and rejuvenated and ready to take on the new week with a vengeance. Their attention to detail and care is flawless and I'll definitely be letting friends and family know about this great new practice in town.” — Mike A
  • “Dr. Cavaiola and Dr. Hashemi are my go-to practitioners when it comes to my non-surgical health needs. As a health and fitness practitioner I truly appreciate their professionalism, knowledge and hands on care. Whether I’m getting blood work done, glutathione drips and doctor assisted cleanses, or focusing on making lifestyle changes to improve my health, wellness and quality of life I know that I can trust Conscious Human Medicine to make sure I’m getting the best care. I would highly recommend anyone to start with a consultation and see how these two wonderful human beings can help you to improve your own health, fitness, and life.” - Jaclyn R.

I provide the information and encouragement and, with guidance along the way, I let my patients find their own paths to self-healing.
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I help to facilitate your own body’s healing mechanism through understanding and addressing the root cause.
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